Rudbeckia lacinata hortensia, Plant of the Month September 2021

This plant is known commonly as Golden Glow, Cutleaf Coneflower, Double Black-eyed Susan “Hortensia” or sometimes “Outhouse Plant” is a wonderful heirloom plant. It grows tall—up to seven feet or more and can spread three feet. It’s easy to grow and its golden yellow flowers will brighten any corner of your yard from late July and well into September.

Golden Glow is easily propagated by division in the spring or by seeds. It was discovered by chance in 1894 in a group of seedlings, and by 1905 was considered “the most popular hardy perennial introduced during the last 25 years,” in the 1905 The Garden magazine. 

My first experience with this plant was in the early 1980s when I bought a plant from a nice older lady who would set up a table of plants in front of the JCPenney store where I lived in New York. I was thrilled with that plant and have missed having it. It’s such a happy, easy plant to have in one’s yard. According to my research, Golden Glow will grow here. I would love to know if anyone in our club has this plant!

Contributed by member Betty Fowler