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Chico Horticultural Society

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School Garden Grant Application Form 2023                     DUE DATE: March 15, 2023



Name of Applicant: _______________________________          Title: ______________________________                                         

Telephone: ______________________________________          Email: _____________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Name of Site Administrator: _________________________________________________

Name of School: __________________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________             Email: _____________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________


Expected Completion Date of Project: ____________________________________________________


  1. Please attach a brief project description, plan, and budget for your proposed gardening project.
  2. Please attach a brief statement describing what students will learn from participating in this project.
  3. Would you like a volunteer from our group to assist as you carry out your project?   _____


Please indicate the amount of funding you are requesting for your project ($500 maximum): _________


If your grant application is accepted, to whom should the check be written?




By submitting this signed application, I certify that the proposed site has adequate irrigation to support the proposed plan.


I agree to allow photographs of the project in process and / or the completed project for the Chico Horticultural Society’s Historical Records and / or publicity:

☐  Agree                            ☐  Decline



Applicant Signature: __________________________________________  Date: ______________

Site Admin Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ______________