Staghorn fern, Plant of the Month October 2021

The staghorn fern is one of my favorites.  I’ve wanted one for years, but believe it or not, I lacked the confidence to grow one.  This unique plant is also called the elkhorn fern or antelope ears.

In its natural habitat, the staghorn fern grows in rainforests in an epiphytic manner, meaning it clings to trees in a non-parasitic way. It doesn’t need soil around its roots, which only really serve an anchoring purpose: water and nutrients are absorbed mainly through the fronds instead.

Growing staghorn ferns is easy. If they get low to medium light and moderate moisture, they will thrive.  Mine has grown almost double since I purchased it a few months ago.

Whether mounted antler-style on a fence or potted, you’ll be sure to enjoy this delightfully designed plant!!! 

Contributed by member Izzy Shepherd