November 2022 Plant of the Month from our monthly newsletter:  Chrysanthemums 

​The “New Sunset Western Garden Book” states that Chrysanthemum once included about 160 species. The variety we typically see in our local grocery stores and nurseries is Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum. As you know, mums come in many colors from red/rust, yellow, and purple to white. Mums flower in late summer and early fall and can be planted in full sun. Water deeply in sandy soils and daily in hot weather.

We were given the red/rust colored one pictured here by a neighbor who asked to take it because she kills everything! This plant is on a drip system so it does get water daily in the summer. This has been in the ground since the spring, so this is the first time it is flowering on its own.

The yellow mum, also pictured, is typically what you find in a grocery store or floral shop. You can keep them indoors to enjoy the flowers or pop them in the ground right away. After the flowers drop, cut you mums back to about 8” above the ground.

Mums remind us fall is here and winter is on its way.


Submitted by Member and Director Steve Danehy