Lantana, Plant of the Month November 2021

Purple Lantana is a perfect evergreen ground cover for anyone looking to add a big splash of color to their landscape.  That is because Lantana sellowiana (botanical name) covers the ground quickly with a mass of beautiful lavender flowers, and this spectacle appears from spring through fall!  Native to the tropical regions of South America and Africa, the massive bloom is one of the key features of this plant.  Trailing Lantana is easy to grow and is a low maintenance plant.  They thrive with full sun exposure and once established, is drought tolerant with little to moderate watering needs.  The dark green foliage of Lantana contrasts beautifully with the flowers, and their fast-spreading growth habit makes them ideal for covering unsightly curbs, retaining walls, and utility boxes!

Lantana ‘Anne Marie’ (botanical name Lantana camara Anne Marie) is a low growing perennial or annual shrub that has beautiful bicolor flower clusters that change from yellow to orange-pink, to fuchsia-red 

as the season progresses.  The flowers of this plant are very attractive to both hummingbirds and butterflies, and deer won’t touch it!  It flowers profusely throughout the warm season.  Anne Marie grows to a height of 15 to 18 inches tall with a spread of about 24 inches wide.  When established the plants are very drought tolerant!  Anne Marie Lantana is useful in groupings, mass, or as a hedge in borders, or in containers!

Where not winter hardy, it can be used outdoors as an annual in seasonal color flowerbeds or as a container plant. 

I find that if I cover them when the weather calls for a frost, they will definitely survive the winter.

Contributed by member Kathy Danehy