Strelitzia, “bird of paradise”—Plant of the Month March 2020

This is a plant I have had for at least four years, and last year was the first year I had a flower. I have since then learned that it takes a few years before it will develop flowers and now this year, to my great joy I have one in bloom with about eight more coming up. My neighbor has a Bird of Paradise plant which is much larger than mine (I’m guessing it’s older) and it has many flowers.

Bird of Paradise is a native of South Africa so it loves full sun and warm temperatures.  It also prefers rich soil and needs to drain well.  It doesn’t seem to need much feeding when grown outside, but organic compost would be appreciated.  

I also appreciate the leaves of this plant and have seen them often shaped into different curves when dried and used for floral design.  You might see them at our flower show this April.

Ana LaRossa