January 2022 Plant of the Month (from our monthly newsletter):  “variegated winter daphne”

​NAME: Variegated Winter Daphne odora ‘Aureomarginata’, is an evergreen shrub. It is the most common of all the Daphne varieties. This shrub is native to Europe, North Africa and Asia.

ZONE: It grows in zone 7-9

TEMPS: This particular Daphne prefers morning sun or in an area with dappled shade. It is ideal for north and east- facing garden beds, up against walls and around patio and deck edges. This plant actually grows well under shade trees here in No. Cal and can tolerate temps down to 0 degree F.

SOIL/WATER: Requires good drainage!!!! When planting Daphne Aureomarginata in ground be sure to amend soil, plant in slightly elevated soil beds to prevent standing water situations and do not place near sprinkler heads, it PREFERS DRY CONDITIONS!

I have two smaller variegated Winter Daphne in the garden on east side of my home where it revels in the morning sun and afternoon shade. They provide a beautiful yet not too pungent fragrance for many (dog) walkers throughout the neighborhood. I also keep one in a container near our front door where it gets dappled sunlight. I purposely slow down before rushing in through front door to enjoy their beautiful scent as well as their purply white blooms.

Submitted by Member Maureen O’Reilly