September  2022 Plant of the Month from our monthly newsletter:  Oxalis, AKA “flowering shamrock”

These flowering shamrocks were given to us from neighbors without any information other than they are shamrocks. I like these plants because they are showy and I think they look graceful. They both live in shade and are watered by drips regularly.

With some research, I think I have the right information. These plants are not really shamrocks, but rather Oxalis (boo, hiss?).

The Purple Shamrock, trangularis papilionaceas

‘Atropurpurea’ (native to South America) has deep burgundy, triangular leaves with light pink flowers. It is not invasive and is great in pots.

 The Green Shamrock, o. acetosella, Wood Sorrel,

Shamrock, is native to many northern temperate regions around the world. Clover type leaves with; three heart shaped leaflets. Blooms in late spring withMy first experience with this plant is it went through a phase where it appeared that it had died, and I even tossed one out once. They have a growing and resting cycle and after I read up on them, I realized that my plant wasn't dead but just resting.

I think they are elegant to look at and their leaves live a long time. I believe the most important thing for this plant is to maintain it around 70 degrees, and put it in indirect light. I have mine in an east window. 


Submitted by Member and Club Director Steve Danehy